Monday, April 26, 2010

I love you in the best whole world, mom

This is for Todd...

I love you in the best whole world

Todd, our son,
Our hearts, you have won.
Each time you pray
It blesses our day.
Months after the earthquake,
For Haiti, you still ache.
Every time you take a nap,
You pray for Haiti on the map.
Your love of God's creation
Is the biggest in the nation.
Your love of worms, ducks, fish, stars
Trains, horses, tigers and gummy sharks
Can never be measured;
But will always be treasured.
It's okay
That ten times a day
You ask us to tie a string
To many a thing.
There's something you say
That melts my day -
"I love you in the best whole world, mom"

I don't claim to be a poet. I just wanted to write to my son.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gatekeeper II Chronicles 23:19

Today's chapter in the book, "Loving our Kids on Purpose," talked of being gatekeeper of your household. Danny Silk used the illustration of gardners who fence their gardens as opposed to gardners who don't. The deer invaded the gardens without fences. The owners of the fenced gardens were able to enjoy the deer in their yard as they fed them instead of the deer feeding themselves. There is definitely so much here. I am sure I need to mull all this over. What I saw right away was that how I set boundaries in my home will predict how big of an intruder can make it's way in. According to this story of Joash becoming crowned King, Jehoida thought that the protection of who and what came in and out of the temple was directly related to the King's relationship with God. How amazing to know that boundaries are freedom!
The story I liked best from the book today was the "Fun or Room" story. He used this story to show how he instilled self - control in his toddlers. When they would act out, he would say, " fun or room." His point was that either we have fun around each other and respect that there are two people here, or we can't be around each other. The first time he did this, his toddler went to his room. They started throwing their tantrum, etc. He went in and said, "fun or room." They finally got his picture and said, "fun" and this phrase ended up being all he would have to say if his toddler acted out.
Here's one for teenagers that looks too simple; but probably works. He gave a few one liners like this: "Probably so", "I know", "That could be"; to give teenagers when they say, "It's not fair!", "This is the meanest thing you've ever made me do!", etc. I don't have teenagers; but I hope I am in control enough when my teenager is disrespectful to use these. In the book it says that these statements say to the teenager that I am going to manage me while you struggle with you. The moment I show how I hate their disrespect, I lose the battle.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty

I started out today reading in Numbers about Balaam and the donkey. I found it quite humorous today, possibly because of the circumstances in my life. God used a donkey to bring Balaam to his senses. However, before he came to his senses, he beat the donkey for protecting him from being slain by the angel. "Lord, give me the wisdom to know when you are using people to protect me and help me, rather than think everyone has an agenda, is wrong, or just won't do it my way." Psalm 6 came next and that was a psalm I prayed several times before I could get up and move on with my day. After devotions, I read a few pages in the book, "Loving Kids on Purpose" by Danny Silk. What I read challenged me to do everything in love rather than by punishment or demanding obedience. This was hard since I am programmed from my childhood to get results by punishment or demanding obedience no matter what. Here's a quote from the book, " When children grow up in an environment where their parents are scared of sin, they learn to fear failure." I am supposed to be building love not fear in my child and home. The book went on to say that by doing this, I will create a child who will be free in Christ because he will know how to control himself from the inside. The Bible tells me in II Corinthians 3:17 ,"...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." Now I was able to come out and face my day. Todd helped me make oatmeal for all 8 children who showed up for daycare. He was great at following directions as I let him pour the oatmeal and then the raisins and the maple flavoring and cinnamon into the pan. We cleaned breakfast up and got the daycare room ready for preschool. After preschool we played with the lite brite and then made play - doh. We had lunch and now everyone is down for naps. I feel God has been in control every step of the way as I tried to lead the children carefully by just loving them. I have always loved them, but reading a book about it in the morning helped me stay focused and not get in that rut of saying, "that's a time out," or "go to your room," etc. Good day for now.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Psalm 144

Tony and I have been talking a lot lately about rearing Todd and God gave me this nugget this afternoon. Psalm 144:12a says,"That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth;" I googled the phrase, "plants grown up in their youth," and this verse came up. In the English standard version it interpreted the phrase as such: may our sons be a full grown plant in his youth. This phrase seemed to give me a greater understanding. I began to wonder how do I begin to "plant, water, etc." so he is a fully grown plant in his youth. As I cross referenced, my eye stayed on Psalm 1:3 and one thing stood out in particular. The phrase,"...his leaf also shall not wither..." is stuck in my craw if you will. Somehow making him a strong plant seems to have something to do with making him a fully grown plant. I will keep searching and see what God sends me. To me this seems like only half a post; but I needed to write down what I had so far. I don't keep journal and maybe I should start.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Tony

12 things for 12 years

1. When you're gone, I miss talking to you the most.
2. When you're here, I love when you make dinner.
3. When you're at work, I love when you call to ask if I need anything.
4. What I loved when I first met you was your sense of humor.
5. What I love most about you now is your dedication to our family.
6. While we dated, I loved all your letters, and playing mini golf.
7. What I love about your fatherhood to Todd is when you teach him Bible verses.
8. Something I loved getting you to do with me was watching Hayley Mills movies.
9. Something I'll never forget is how you proposed to me - in a horse drawn carriage riding through the streets of Dallas, TX
10. I have learned to be more compassionate because of your example in this area.
11. Something I enjoy doing with you is watch football.
12. I am grateful to you for being able to overlook my faults.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Mother's Day is coming and I wanted to give 10 things I love about my mom.

1. My mom gave her 20's and 30's and 40's and 50's to rear children. She continues to house some grandchildren and she does so with all the love in the world.

2. My mom prays for all 7 of her children daily and I learned the importance of prayer because she set the example as I saw her prayer book as a teenager. This definitely inspired me to go forth in the area of prayer in a big way.

3. She has great faith. She had to because she and my dad reared 7 children on a salary of $900 a month.

4. Her children have fallen out of God's will often; but she remains faithful and knows God will restore them because she trained them up in the way they should go.

5. I love to do things for her because she appreciates it like a child and enjoys it so much.

6. She has been married almost 36 years and that means a lot when I know how often the Devil has tried to destroy her family.

7. On holidays she did her best to make them special. Stockings were great at Christmas, Easter morning was finding candy all over the house, Thanksgiving was great food and lots of it, we made valentines, we didn't do Halloween that I remember; but it must have been okay because I don't remember caring about it.

8. My favorite holiday was her birthday because my dad would give us all $2 and would take us to the kitchen utensil section of Walmart and we would get her kitchen stuff. We went home and wrapped them and she loved opening them every year.

9. She is a school teacher and she loves it. I get my love for education from her also.

10. She knows she's blessed and often speaks of it.

I love her.

Happy Mother's Day
Todd is 27 months old and talking...a lot. I am not sure what to say to him when he says the same thing over and over. I try to acknowledge that I hear him; but, he often keeps repeating himself. Maybe he enjoys hearing himself say stuff. I don't know.

I tried introducing potty training back in February and he got strep throat 3 days into the process. I am now venturing back into the potty territory and he is terrified. He screams at the sight of a pull - up because he knows that means I am going to put him on the toilet. When I sit him on the toilet, I sit on the stool next to him and he puts his arms around me and cries and squeezes me. I am being very casual about it and only do it a few times a day so as to not stress him out. I fear if I don't do anything he will never get potty trained!!! But he just shakes on the toilet like someone is about to kill him. Why is this potty training stuff not cut and dry?

My favorite day is Saturday because I get to do all Todd's favorite things with him. Some are: walking by the lake, feeding ducks and throwing rocks into the water as well as playing in the dirty water while getting soaked and filthy, baths, McDonald's, (it has to be McDonald's fries - all other places don't have the "right fries"), going to the pet store to see all the animals, driving by farms in the area to see all the farm animals, watching train tracks in hopes of a train, watching Flipper and Animal Planet, playing at the park and eating ice cream, riding the carousel at the mall, playing on the moonwalks, and walking outside in general. Often, I get a little sorry for him because we have so many kids in our home Monday through Friday. By Friday sometimes Todd has had it and I feel the same way only I can't show it like he does.

Sometimes I am not sure he classifies himself as a human because he loves doing everything like an animal would do it - such as eating his food off the floor which he prefers greatly to eating it off the plate. He makes animal sounds all day long and goes around being animals all day and lately he keeps trying to climb the fence and saying he is running away because that's what our dog did. This animal stuff has gone too far because if he actually gets over the fence without me knowing; I know he's headed straight for the train tracks - maybe a leash is in his future - the dog was on a leash - just a thought!