Monday, April 26, 2010

I love you in the best whole world, mom

This is for Todd...

I love you in the best whole world

Todd, our son,
Our hearts, you have won.
Each time you pray
It blesses our day.
Months after the earthquake,
For Haiti, you still ache.
Every time you take a nap,
You pray for Haiti on the map.
Your love of God's creation
Is the biggest in the nation.
Your love of worms, ducks, fish, stars
Trains, horses, tigers and gummy sharks
Can never be measured;
But will always be treasured.
It's okay
That ten times a day
You ask us to tie a string
To many a thing.
There's something you say
That melts my day -
"I love you in the best whole world, mom"

I don't claim to be a poet. I just wanted to write to my son.


  1. Hi Heather, Tony, & Todd! I love your website and just found it! What a nice poem! I follow several others also. Love you kids! Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Terell

  2. Hi Heather! I just now found your blog and loved looking at it--especially the things you like! I learned some things about you! lol--Laurie Whitehouse